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It’s the Roaring 1920’s in a large, metropolitan city that is wide open for a good Mob Boss, and you think you are it. You move into your penthouse.  Starting with $2000 and three Thugs guarding your front door, you begin to seize control of shady businesses that provide you with cash and power. 

The other Mob Bosses in town are not pleased with your plans, and they want to put you out of business… permanently! All of you feel “This town ain’t big enough for the two (three, four, five or six) of us.”

As long as you have the money, there is no limit as to the number of Thugs you can employ to get rich and eliminate your competition.  You can also negotiate and make deals with other Mob Bosses to assassinate a competitor, but can you trust them?  Remember, you all are crooks.

MOBopoly is an exciting and action packed game and while luck is a factor, it is a game of strategy and timing.  Look for some humor, too.

2 to 6 players age 12 to adult.